A consultation leads to the written establishment of a holistic and personalized healing program. This program is imperatively tailored to the patient's own situation: personal intolerances, deficiencies, co-infections, reaction to treatments, living conditions (physical and psychic), medical history, etc. It includes medicinal herbs, high grade supplements, life style changes, diet changes, EMF protection measures, homeopathy remedies. 


Since a chronic disease requires a follow-up, the program is updated every month according to the patient's progress: we take stock of what you have succeeded in implementing as a change, on the benefits felt and on the possible brakes. We are rehabilitating your program to continue the process towards balance and vitality.


The comprehensive healing approach includes the following essential steps: deep detoxification of the body and environment, diet changes and restoration of acid-base balance, reinforcement of metabolism and support of damaged systems (nervous system, digestive system, hormonal system, immune system), killing the bugs, lowering inflammation, moral support. All of these treatment aspects are equally important. The order in which these different objectives are addressed is also relevant. At some point, all these actions will be carried out concomitantly and the ultimate goal is to empower the patient, who will ideally pursue the care itself, if needed. Approaching these therapeutic goals as a coherent whole is the essence of the multi-systemic treatment required by lyme borreliosis.


It must be understood that healing is neither the act of a therapist, nor of a single remedy, but the result of a real personal investment, chaperoned by one or even several health practitioners. No third party has the power to cure a chronic lyme and there is no magic pill. Healing comes from several converging factors organized by a confident mind. The naturopath's role is to accompany the patient, to guide him. But in reality, it is the vital energy and the processes of self-healing present in each that allow the ultimate healing.




First appointment: 140 dollars - lasts 1,30 hour

Follow-up: 90  per session - lasts 45 minutes

Payment is always made in advance through Paypal.




During our first meeting, we will go through a thorough questionnaire, called “anamnèse", in order for me to identify your expectations and to know more about your history, your symptoms, your family and personal history, your lifestyle (diet, profession, physical exercise, emotional, environmental etc). I also practice a vitality assessment to determine your vital energy and your terrain. This first step is essential, it allows me to gather all the necessary information to a better understanding of your health problem: the level of toxicity of the organism, an initial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the organism and an overall image of your health.

After our first consult, I will send you a vital hygiene program by mail. You will find personalized advice to take care of the various aspects of your health (food, medicinal plants, homeopathic remedies, supplements, physical activities, psycho-emotional management ...).

In case of follow-up, we take stock of what you have succeeded in implementing as a change, on the benefits felt and on the possible brakes. We are rehabilitating your program to continue the process towards balance and vitality.

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In February 2014, I woke up with mysterious transitory teeth pains. In the course of 6 months, my health deteriorated so dramatically that I was forced to move back with my parents and stop my career as a junior lawyer. Here is the list of symptoms I was experiencing on a daily basis (in order of importance):  neuropathy, numbness, tingling, nerve pains, nerve twitching, internal burning sensations, EMF sensitivity, crippling migraines, headaches, head pressure, brain fog, tooth pain, a stiff jaw, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle aches, abdominal pain, ear pain, chest pain, digestive upsets, sudden food allergies, tachycardia, vision problems, increased transport sickness, nausea, irritability, hot flushes, sweating, chills, irritability and anxiety.


I began a never-ending medical wandering: neurologists, dentists, ENT, internist, cardiologist, you name it. 25 specialists, countless doctors' appointments, many blood tests, no answer.None of them believed me. How could a happy and active young man with no prior health issues decline almost overnight in such a dramatic way? I was physically, mentally and spiritually fractured. Ignoring the root cause of my crazy symptoms was honestly the worst part. For one year, I was sent home with no proper diagnosis. I was VERY depressed. I felt lonely, desperate and misunderstood. 


Realizing that no one could really help me, I decided to push the investigation even further. In 2 month-time, I was able to diagnose myself with chronic neurological lyme disease, based on my symptomatology and new blood tests run in 2 different very sensitive German labs. I also tested positive for mycoplasma, chlamydia, Yersinia, EBV and candida. 


Since the borrelia infection was not treated right away after the tick bite, the bacteria had sufficient time to create biofilms, form dormant cysts, and colonize my whole body thanks to its corkscrew shape. This feature allows it to penetrate tissues, bones, cells (intracellular infection), nerves, glands, brain (behind the blood-brain barrier), skin. I realized with shock and horror that the disease was now chronic, likely incurable, and found no success stories online. At that time, I only spoke french and had to improve my English to learn more about Lyme disease and find a handful of success stories that will eventually become my role models. At this point, I was sleeping 14 hours a day, my circadian rhythm was completely reversed, I could no longer walk or drive, the pains were excruciating, permanent and unmanageable. My CD57 was extremely low (16), my vitamin D level was almost 0, I had many nutritional sensitivities, and deficiencies,an acidic PH, chronic stress,hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and ischemia. My detoxification organs were sluggish and completely shut down. My diet and overall lifestyle were a mess. I was jobless, my parents were going through a cruel divorce and many friends let me down.


To completely heal myself, I had to become my own doctor. I studied really hard and tailored a natural and comprehensive holistic protocol that was personalized to my very own case. My research led me to understand that, in order to ensure a long lasting solution, I needed to adopt a holistic approach - an approach that treats the terrain and  every aspect of my being (physical, mental and spiritual) - an approach  that I could pursue independently and in the long haul, without any adverse effects - a non-invasive approach that would protect my intestinal flora and not add to the already very toxic load  I was indicating - an approach that would work WITH my immune system and not against it - a broad spectrum approach that would simultaneously treat the 4 "i": infection (broad-sense), inflammation, immunity and intoxication - an approach that would not only kill pathogens but also repair the damages and deficiencies induced by the disease.  


I reached out to specialists from all over the world (Canada, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany), doctors, patients, associations, clinics, authors, bloggers.  I spent most of my time studying, reading specialized literature, interacting with specialists from all around the world, attending conferences, seeking out valuable information, while doing anything I could to cure myself.I found suppliers of medicinal herbs and imported most of my supplements from abroad. I urged medical authorities to obtain certain tests and procedures from the best foreign laboratories. I had to learn everything on my own and took full responsibility for my health. The saying goes “In life you need either inspiration or desperation”. Well, I had both.

I used some herbs from different protocols (Cowden, Buhner, Klinghardt, Antony Williams, Bill Rawls, Rebecca Risk, Wolf-Dieter Storl), but mostly herbs I studied and learnt about during my training at Flora Medicina, a Canadian school of herbal studies. By dint of trial and error, research and self-analysis, I slowly moved along to better health, and finally to full recovery. Each aspect of the protocol, each plant, each supplement, was consciously studied and religiously implemented.


I used many tools such as : medicinal herbs (adaptogens, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and tonics - powdered, decoction and dyes forms), food as medicine, energy medicine (rife technology and homeopathic nosodes), high-quality supplements and a lot of detox strategies. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, earthing, beach therapy, physical activity was also part of the process. I had to treat every aspect of my multi-faceted disease which included a lot : parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, different intoxications (mold, mercury, chemicals), EMF pollution, fatty assets damages, mitochondria dysfunction, cellular dehydration, inflammation, low stomach acid, poor digestion, damaged gut lining, food intolerances etc 


My strategy was the following:

1-Opening up the body’s naturel detoxification pathways – detoxification of all internal and external sources of toxicity - In my case I had to seriously reduce my EFM and mold exposures, start chelating heavy metals naturally through food and herbs, cleansing my liver/spleen/kidneys/bowelsand lymph system, clean up my environment (natural cosmetics and house-care products), organic food and very clean diet, infrared sauna, and many others detox strategies.

2-Strengthening of metabolism and repair of  the most damaged systems and organs –in my case correcting my strong vitamin A, D et B deficiencies, damaged intestinal lining, lowering inflammation (especially in my nerves), nourishing my adrenal glands and treating my hypothyroidism, regulating my immune system with adaptogens, increasing my stomach acid, deep rehydration, replenishing my normal flora with probiotics, chiropractic care for my musculoskeletal pains, acupuncture  etc

3-Getting rid of pathogens by natural remedies and in a logical order– which means firstly parasites and retrovirus, and then bacteria. In my case, I used herbs, supplements, and food to kill parasites first, then I put into dormancy EBV and shingles, and finally Lyme spirochetes, mycoplasma and chlamydia. The candida was treated all along with anti-fungal herbs, berberine supplement and a very clean diet.


All the while using the unlimited power of the mind to make sure my body mind and spirit were all aligned towards full recovery. I practiced written intention, positive thinking, Healing Quotes, Affirmations and Prayers every single day.


I decided to make it my life mission to help other sufferers. Healing is possible. There is hope. If I did it, you can do it too. The body is extremely resilient and with the proper treatments and mindset you can regain your life and even become a better version of yourself. By detoxifying the body, dealing with pathogens naturally, restoring damages & depletions, using food as medicine and changing your mindset, much mending can be done.


I am now an herbalist and naturopath in Europe, specialized in helping “multi systemic infection syndrome” sufferers. My job is to coach you to regain your life by incorporating every tool I found essential in my own recovery.


I hope this testimony gave you hope and empowerment. If you're interested in personal coaching, feel free to contact me :